Logistic services

Customized unburden of your organization

Your market is asking for a rapid availability and reliability of parts ? With our well-structured organization, extended supplier network and control of the logistic process, GTA can realize your orders within the agreed delivery times. Do you wish to guarantee the continuity in your manufacturing process or you want to react faster on the changing needs ? In that case GTA will offer you an unique solution with the GTA Logistic Agreement (GLA). GTA will keep products for her customers in stock and guarantees an agreed lower stock level (LSL). Dependent on your needs we will take care for the assembling, supply to your manufacturing plant and even directly to your customers. As a customer you have, by using internet, your own entrance to your stock in our store.

Of course it’s possible to order your parts without a logistic agreement. GTA is used to work with year orders, Kan-Ban supplies, SMOI and SMI systems. GTA organizes national and international transport and is also used to pack the products in customized packings.

With those different possibilities GTA acts as a professional supplier for all the customers and partners. Also we unburden our customers on logistics.

Ask GTA to consult which logistic system meets your needs !

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