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New gear hobbing machine - new website

Dear sir / madam,

With this first newsletter in 2017 we would like to inform you about the latest news at GTA, as you probably already know we've implemented several changes the latest time. Machines have been moved and replaced and our expedition has got more space to serve our customers. From this new and bigger expedition we can deliver our products but also serve our customers who have agreed a logistic agreement with GTA.

New gear hobbing machine:

As you probably already know manufacturing gears is one of the specialties of GTA, to remain up-to-date with our machines now and in the future we've extended our gearing capacity with a new gear hobbing machine, the Modul H-200,  last year. With this machine we have more possibilities and also an extra backup for the excisting hobbing machines.

Unloading the H200 

With this new machine we can manufacture gears up to a diameter of Ø200mm with a modul of maximum M=4. Besides this, with this machine we have the possibility for post-milling of hardened gears (also known as skiving), this can be seen as an alternative for grinding.

With this machine, besides the expansion of our opportunities, we have taken over work from another hobbing machine directly. This other machine has been moved to our production plant in Izmir (Turkey) to expand their opportunities.

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New GTA website:

Besides these internal, less visible, changes we also have renewed the website. Since some time the completely renewed website www.gta.nl has gone live on the internet. Here you'll find more information about the opportunities of GTA. You can find also several pictures of the products we manufacture and also of our production plants in Someren and Izmir (Turkey). We are proud on it to present you with this new website our renewed corporate identity. Besides this you'll find more information about the projects in which GTA is involved. Regularly we will refesh our website and add items to make the website even more interesting for you as a reader. We invite you to visit our website regularly, if you miss information please inform us.

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In the next newsletter you'll find more information and news about the new Integrex machine with robot which we're installing at this moment in Someren.

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